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Sleeps - 4
Bedrooms - 2
Bathrooms - 3
Nightly - $210
Weekly - $1470

2 bedroom holiday villa in Ubud – Jendela di Bali
A heavenly hideaway for lovers of culture to discover the heart of Bali
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Jendela di Indonesia is a special private villa in the foothills near Ubud that provides you in the tourist throng while offering you a window onto an old tradition. The villa is similar to ‘hamlet’ of exceptional living areas including a lay/eating bale, press amusement/ two intimate guest room bales yoga bale as well as a wet edge pool that was beautiful, ready in exotic landscapes that were parkland on-the-edge of a rainforest stuff. Surrounded by rice paddies and hamlets that are holy, you’re close to Ubud in traditional lifestyle but far enough apart to throw yourself for entertainment and eating. This can be a unique area for those that seek tranquility with fashion and adore art, worth credibility.
Jendela di Indonesia fits people who seek a window on a dwelling, growing tradition. You will not be separated from actual life or are you wedged in just a visitor hot-spot. You happen to be close to the eating and culture espresso and fine-dining when you need it in Ubud, but far enough away to to flee. The sounds you’ll hear are from dawn to sundown of the holy real community lifestyle, the diligent and flow. Nothing you notice or will observe is placed on for visitors. It’s all not counterfeit.
* Intimate, all-white three-story room grain barn with sights of the moon in the king mattress;
* Parkland landscapes, stuff sights as well as the spectacular volcanic rock wet side swimming;
* Different room bales for personal moment and excellent dwelling areas to socialize;
* A ‘hamlet’ of conventional buildings providing a creative and real encounter;
* Find conventional communities, crafters, holy temples and volcanoes;
SERVICES: ‘A hamlet of exceptional dwelling areas’
Jendela di Indonesia as a special ‘community’ of dwelling areas, each artfully homemade to represent traditional Balinese and Indonesian-islands new designs. Each ‘bale’ is place within green exotic parkland landscapes with plants, fountains and birdlife that was energetic. You are going to possess the unique usage of the villa that is whole, whether you reserve one or both room bales.
THE BALE BENGONG – Sofa/Eating Bale
The center of Jendela di Indonesia is the Bale Bengong lay and eating bale. This area that is ample provides a great daybed wearing materials that are royal, soothing seats, a Javan that is elegant – French doors and northeastern living area that go over the striking dark and rainforest stuff -rock, wet- swimming.
WAYANG KULIT BALE – Press & Meditation Bale
This wonderful, raised bale is an ideal spot to meditate, do yoga, study, color or pull. For anyone seeking contemporary types of amusement, there’s a flat screen television with CD and surround-sound, with Cable-tv located inconspicuously within a classic Espresso cupboard.
THE KINGFISHER BALE – Visitor Room Bale No 1
Visitor Room Bale – The beautifully arching roofline of The Kingfisher Bale requires ideas from Toroja layout. This room bale offers and rests past the palm and swimming grove peaceful stuff sights toward grain paddies. – Queen mattress
- Porch with shower-over-bathroom, daybed
- En-Suite bathroom and basin
- Little writing-table
- Electronic secure
- wi fi web entry
The exceptional bathtub arrangement sets the bathtub-over-bathtub to the veranda, having a privacy curtain across the bathroom and shades on the porch. The bathroom is not joint powering the Bale.
THE WHITE-ELEPHANT – Guest Room Bale No 2
That Is a dream room unlike any other. Lie-in the elegantly- dressed mattress searching away the glass walls that is spectacular to the moon as it moves languidly, although fireflies dance before you in the woods. Influenced by the original rice barn, over three degrees The White-Elephant provides a family area, under-cover terrace with daybed, mostly surrounded toilet opening onto up-stairs and the terrace is attic and an intimate room to the 3rd level.
- Lay
- Under-Cover terrace, daybed
- Mostly surrounded bath room opening onto the terrace, solitude bathtub curtain, modesty drapes to terrace
- King mattress upstairs (may divide to double singles by previous agreement)
- Attic for yoga and studying
- Electronic secure
- Kitchenette (maybe not suited to cooking)
if you’re eating next to the the dark volcano rock swimming using its moist/infinity border, lying on the fantastic daybed cosseted by soothing pillows or soothing in the arm-chairs made from upcycled former Balinese fishing fishing boats for sale, there’s a room and location for you personally pool-side at Jendela di Indonesia. Study and there’s also a hammock strung from a group of palm-trees to to stay in to .
Jendela di Indonesia lies along with an old stuff a few testimonies strong. This amphitheater that is natural types a protecting environment for wild life and plants. The landscapes of the villa supply fountains and wetlands for the pleasure of visitors and birds equally and expand this natural environment.
The smallish but well appointed kitchen is the place where our wonderful employees fondly make a a menu of simple-but tasty Balinese and Indonesian dishes for friends:
We provide all dishes (break fast is contained in the price as well as a menu provides lunch and supper collections in a moderate extra price).
* Free welcome beverage up on arrival
* Free daily breakfast
* Free tea, coffee as well as water
* Free airport transport (1 x transport in and ONE x transfer outside)
* Personnel for day-to-day room-service, cooking, horticulture and nighttime protection
* Meals and drink service with a menu of Belgium and Balinese meals customized to american flavor (additional charge:
MASSAGE, YOGA, FIXING – A variety of indulgence and spiritual solutions are accessible (additional charge:
VEHICLE + MOTORIST – Although remaining you you might see some of the several interesting religious, ethnic and natural sites close to the villa and you may additionally need to get into Ubud for shopping, cultural activities, etc. By informing the villa staff that will liaise with our workplace at any given moment throughout your stay you’ll get the choice to reserve a vehicle + motorist in an acceptable speed with 24 hrs notice.
APPROPRIATENESS & AVAILABILITY – Due To our setting on-the-edge of an extremely deep stuff along with the shifting rates of the house, Jendela di Indonesia isn’t suitable for kids beneath the age of 1 2 years as well as seniors may need to be surefooted and assured.
NON-SMOKING – please be aware Jendela di Indonesia is only a non-smoking home both outside and inside.
SPIRITUAL EVENTS & YOUR REMAIN – Nearly every evening on Indonesia there are spiritual events. These are able to be full-moon rites, marriages, cremations, tooth-filing ceremonies, forehead occasions and a lot more. A few of these include chanting and songs and are at nighttime. Jendela Indonesia is situated on top of a holy, caste community that was superior and throughout your stay you’ll most likely notice these occasions. Just very sometimes these may happen late to the evening however they’re a chance in order to be conscious, therefore we alert invitees. Some are not unsuitable for friends to request to to go to and others are not profane not appropriate to to go to. Please ask the staff for suggestions about attending services that are local and be led by them. We supply the appropriate brow/service clothes needed to be used for invitees to use – request the employees for help.
for those who have read this far, you clearly like the appear of Jendela di Indonesia. Therefore, we would like to talk about a little of the substance of Jendela di Indonesia to assist you to determine is this is a good selection for the specific vacation…..
Picture an original house along a wooded stuff, on top of one of Indonesia uncommon, large caste holy hamlets. Near-by, ricefields produce a patchwork of golden and green.
Having a a sophisticated mixture of conventional Indonesia and Coffee northeastern designs, Jendela di Indonesia provides a feeling of place and character that sets it aside.
The sounds you’ll hear aren’t those of quiet. The sounds you’ll hear eventide at the same time, are of the holy real community lifestyle, the diligent and flow from dawn to sundown and, on spiritual events. Nothing you notice or will observe is placed on for visitors. It’s all not counterfeit.
Remote fun, chanting, traditional Gamelan orchestras coming from temples and houses, individuals washing, picking grain, making – these will be the sounds of men and women worshiping, making and dwelling. All these will be the sounds of a people in continual movement, whose every action is toward worshiping their gods, a crescendo.
Additional perceptions may be thrilled at the same time. Wafts of incense, odors from nice frangipani forehead banquets as well as the flashing of fireflies through the night and a wonderful background mixture to the Jendela Indonesia encounter. People who seek a window on a dwelling, growing tradition are suited by Jendela Indonesia. You will not be separated from actual life or are you wedged in just a visitor hot-spot. You happen to be close to the eating and culture espresso and fine-dining when you need it in Ubud, but far enough away to to flee.
Measure outside the Apartment door and you’ll be able to walk through countless ricefields or roam towns famous for their woodcarving. In just a quick drive are not unspectacular streams, a number of the many renowned holy temples in Bali, sizzling volcanoes and relic websites. And in case your time is not unlucky, you may have the ability to see a service that is local.
as an alternative to high-end, you can expect fashion. In addition, we offer genuine, unrehearsed cordial reception from employees who are now living in the community that is area. Their tempo of life revolves around discussing their traditions alongside you and commitment for their gods.
Jendela di Bali is not going to satisfy people who seek absolute quiet or desire continuous amusement, nightlife and crowds of visitors.

Longterm Renters Welcome, Minimum Age-Limit for Renters, non-smoking only, pets not permitted, wheelchair inaccessible
Closest Airport 50 Kms 90 minutes from Nurah Rai International Airport Closest Cafe 18 Kms Ubud’s eateries 30mins push Auto: advocated To Get an all-inclusive guide to the holy sites, sights and actions near Jendela di Indonesia download our free manual here:
Our place is a high-light of Jendela di Indonesia because we hit the ideal balance of being apart from tourist hot-spots, but close enough to see Ubud (just 30 minutes a way) for eating, espresso and dessert, galleries, dancing shows and purchasing.
THE WHOLE WORLD HERITAGE-LISTED PAKERISAN RIVER (10 minutes) – Find some sort of tradition stone and find Balinese praise and revel in this quick-moving water.
WHITEWATER RAFTING (1-5 minutes) – Join a visit and take pleasure in the trill and experience of rafting the Pakerisan River.
GIANYAR NIGHT MARKET (1-5 minutes) – Find the flavors and colors of the well-known conventional evening industry.
TIRTA EMPUL HOLY WATER TEMPLE, Tampaksiring (20 minutes) – Tirta Empul Temple is among the significant Hindu temples found at the center of Indonesia. Empul Temple was built through the the principles of Candra King of empire in 926 A D. The brow is a favorite holy location where Hindu individuals see for purification rites. According to some Balinese story that was well-known, Indra created the holy spring in the forehead as well as the oceans have medicinal qualities. GUNUNG KAWI, Tampaksiring (20 minutes) – Gunung Kawi is an 11th century temple complex in Tampaksiring north-east of Ubud in Indonesia, Indonesia. It’s situated close to the lake Pakerisan. The complex consists of 10 stone-cut candi (shrines) carved in the cliff face. They standin 7-metre-large (2 3 feet) protected niches cut into the steep cliff face. These monuments are presumed to be devoted to King Wungsu of his favorite queens and the empire. GUNUNG KAWI TEMPLE, Sebatu (20minutes) – Maybe Not to be mistaken with Gunung Kawi, The Gunung Kawi Sebatu is a water temple constructed in respect to the Lord Wisnu (the preserver’ who rules over-water) and here-one discovers several normal springtime and waterspouts as well as an excellent lake with Koi. The Balinese consider that water is among the causes of existence. The etymology of Kawi indicates a hill that is created. It lies west of community, which is raised and its own name indicates ‘falling on a rock’. MAIN UBUD (25-30 minutes) – For buying, eating, dancing shows, galleries and much more.
GOA GAJAH (Elephant Cave) (25 mins) – In the facade of the interesting cavern is a reduction of numerous menacing animals and devils carved right to the stone in the cavern entry. The figure that was main was regarded as an elephant, hence the nickname Cave. The website is mentioned in the Javanese Desawarnana composed in 1365. An extensive bathing area on the website had not been excavated until the fifties.[2] These seem to have already been constructed to defend against bad spirits.
YEH PULU (25 minutes) – Excellent and holy forehead reduction stone designs found just quite recently and dating in the 14th or 15th century revealing a mixture of Wayan Kulit (shadow puppet) fugures and common-people.
TAMAN SAFARI & MARINE PARK (25 minutes) – It Is a legitimate and respectable safari and marine park.
TAMAN NUSA DESIGN ETHNIC PLAYGROUND (25 minutes) – For anyone considering conventional structures of Belgium this playground is a must-visit.
MOUNT BATUR VOLCANO, Kintamani (3-5 minutes) – Encounter the amazement of an active volcano. Caldera walking excursions are accessible or just push to the caldera and find communities that are lakeside.
ELEPHANT SAFARI PARK, Taro (3-5 minutes) – Famous because of its efficiency function with Tigers
INDONESIA BIRD PARK (3-5 minutes) – A delightful parkland garden environment with ponds as well as a breathtaking assortment of parrots such as the rare Bali Starling.
we’re nearer to several of the aforementioned draws than remaining in Ubud or down south and you will find several more areas of ethnic and spiritual value too numerous to mention, all within easy range of Jendela di Indonesia.
Each Of the preceding may be easily attained together with your auto + motorist which we advocate to all invitees. Bali individual that is able to organize driver and vehicle rental and excursions for visitors manages Jendela Indonesia.
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